Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Baltimore's Fell's Point, a Hidden Gem

As far as English cities in the United States of America is concerned, Fell's Point residents, a spirited waterfront community has as much roots from England as Boston. In fact, Fell's Point was named after a ship-building company started by some Englishmen way back in 1726. With a charter bus, party bus or when you rent a bus in Baltimore from Baltimore Bus Charters, we can take the scenic routes and enjoy even more gorgeous scenery.
What will strike you as astonishing and what distinguishes Fell's Point from all the other American cities is buildings and storefronts that maintain their 18th and 19th century looks. Yes, nothing's changed from the time when the British set foot on American soil. The business and people may have changed but these buildings used to be either bars, brothels or and boarding houses so, it really gives off a very colonial feeling. Fell's Point may not be considered a popular charter bus, tour bus and party bus tourist destinations but for those who are interested in the history of British in America and those who are into photography, Fell's Point is nothing short of heaven.
Looking for some shopping? Not a problem. You are going to have a ball of a time shopping at Broadway, Thames Street and not forgetting the unforgettable Belgian Block. When you gaze out of the party bus or charter bus window, you will see that the shops are all unparalleled. The Chesapeake Bay cuisine has been said to be completely unrivaled. Take a walk along any of the walkways will make you feel like you have just stepped back in time and as the wind sweeps in from the sea, all the stress of everyday life will fall away from your shoulders.
Fell's Point also has a huge role to play during the Revolutionary War and the 1812 war where it houses some of the privately owned ships that were authorized by the government to attack upon command. As you can see, there is more than meets the eye in Fell's Point and if you engaged with an experienced charter bus, coach bus or party bus driver, he or she can definitely bring you into even more unique nooks.

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