Monday, May 5, 2014

Spring Time Events in Baltimore

The weather has definitely turned around over here in Baltimore and with many of us seeing more rain and less snow over the past week, this could mean more outdoor activities for the kids and families over the weekends. Even if you are not a fan of being outdoors, there are sure to be tons of activities and events for you to attend.
We hope that Baltimore Bus Charters can be a part of that. However, here are a few quick suggestions as to the type of activities to anticipate over spring time in Baltimore.
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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Important Baltimore Landmarks to Check Out

Part of the traveling process is about getting to know the city that you are visiting, regardless of whether you are visiting via a rented charter bus, driving yourself around or using local public transportation. It is crucial to have a good itinerary which will take you around to those important landmarks in a timely manner so that you know you are making the most of your time here. It is impossible to visit ALL Baltimore landmarks in a short period of time but at the very least, check the important ones out during your visit.

Roger B Taney sculpture in Mount Vernon, Baltimore

Mount Vernon is one of Baltimore’s oldest neighborhoods and is, as planned out, esignated a National Landmark Historic District in Maryland. As it is the oldest and also most well-thought-out neighborhoods in Baltimore, roads are well-planned and getting around shouldn’t be a problem. However, being a large part of the historical side of Baltimore, there are many landmarks and tourist attractions to check out during your Baltimore charter bus visit, and suffice to say, it would make the whole visit a lot more comfortable if a Baltimore bus charter was used.
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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Tour Baltimore Inner City in a Segway

Love exploring when you travel but your feet cannot take the amount of walking? Now you enjoy the beautiful sights and places in Baltimore inner city on a Segway instead of walking. All you need to do is charter a bus to Baltimore, and rent a Segway!
Places you can explore with a Segway
  • Fell’s Point
  • Broadway Pier at Fell’s Point
  • Quaint Baltimore Streets
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Friday, November 8, 2013

Best of the Best Baltimore Nightspots

Trying to find a place to celebrate your best buddy’s birthday? Or are you in town looking for a place to have a casual meeting with a very important person in your company? Perhaps you are hunting down the perfect night spot to have your friend’s bachelor or bachelorette party? If that is the case, you are in for a treat because we have just the right scoop for you in this article. We have some suggestions that you can head to with your charter bus, shuttle bus, mini bus, party bus or limousine when you are in Baltimore, that is.
There is really more than meets the eye when it comes to what the Baltimore night scene have to offer. Consider them carefully before heading over but in any case, it doesn’t matter if you find yourself not enjoying a place because with a rented Baltimore party bus, you can just hop back into the vehicle together with the group of you and head over to ANOTHER night spot. Using a large Baltimore shuttle bus is cool that way.
Located right smack in the middle of West Eagle Street is a cool, hip, elite club called Club Hippo. Despite its funky name, the night spot is popular with tourists, foreign visitors and locals alike. The perfect place to hang out with your best friends, make new friends and also dance the night away. Most of the local loyals make their way here at least once a week so, go check out the interesting atmosphere in this club during your bus charter Baltimore visit.
Another fantastic suggestion that we have gathered from our bus charter Baltimore customers is Howl At The Moon. Another name you can’t forget. Considered a rather elite and upscale club, you might need a local to get you in through the door but once you are in, you will be swept up by the electric atmosphere. The DJ spins the music on all night long as party goers let their hair down and put their dancing shoes on. The club has special VIP rooms for booking if you want to have a more private party or if you wish to have some serious discussions during the party.
Perhaps you are looking to do something a little different during your bus charter Baltimore visit - and that would call for something along the lines of Latin Palace. You would think that this club is exclusive to Latinos....but it is not. You can find your average American and a sprinkling of foreign visitors visiting the club simply because they want to hang out together to have a good time.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Fort McHenry National Monument

Not to be mistaken with Fort Henry, Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine is located in Baltimore, Maryland while the former is located in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. To be able to find your way to visit Fort McHenry National Monument in Baltimore, it would be wise to arrange to charter a bus to bring you and your family there instead of driving there yourself. The reason is quite simple actually – you don’t have to trouble yourself in finding a place to park your car when you are there.

Being chauffeured to Fort McHenry National Monument in the charter bus, you and your family can be quite sure that you will be dropped off near the entrance, so you don’t have to walk very far to get there. This also makes another good reason to charter a Baltimore bus for this trip. When you arrive at the destination, begin your tour at the Visitor Center with a 10-minute film on the war of 1812 and how Francis Scott Key got his inspiration in writing the Star Spangled Banner. At the end of the film, as the Star Spangled Banner is sung, the screen will reveal the Flag of Fort McHenry and many visitors always find this a rather moving conclusion to the whole film. It is shown twice every hour – on the hour and half past the hour throughout the whole day. Do give yourself and your family members at least an hour to tour the whole grounds of the fort and it is self guided only. However, we do know that if you take your time to leisurely tour the grounds of the fort, it would take you at least two hours; but it is entirely up to you just how long you wish to take to finish touring the fort.

If you and your family members happen to be there at the right time, you may even be able to watch a flag changing ceremony. They do have special events throughout the year, so if you would like to coincide your trip with one of their special events, you can always find out more from their website for details. At the end of the tour, just right before you leave the Fort McHenry National Monument with your family in the Baltimore charter bus, you can always stop by the gift shop that is in the Visitor Center to buy some memorabilia home to keep or to give away as gifts to friends.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Best of Italian Delicacy at Di Pasquale’s Italian Market

For the people working hard behind Di Pasquale’s Italian Marketplace, it all began more than one hundred years ago and with the mission and vision of its original owner, Luigi Di Pasquale, this Baltimore tourist attraction is now one of the most visited hotspots in the city. Not only do tourists and foreign visitors who are here for a short bus charter holiday and vacation come here for a short break in their shuttle bus, coach charter, mini bus, school children and the local residents find it worthwhile to bring their kids for a day of exploration and fun regularly too.
Di Pasquale’s had its beginnings as a small corner grocery shop and in all sincerity, they served the elite and rich community of Highlandtown. But it has been more than four decades now and the business has been inherited by one generation after another so much so that it is now known as a superior retailer, importer and distributor of Italian products.
With so much experience to their name, we are sure the experienced deli staff are capable of telling you which is the best of their product is suitable for you. Based on our bus charter Baltimore customers’ experiences, they have extremely authentic Italian recipes that dates back to the Old World - so, it is really worth your time if you are looking for something a little bit more original and old school. The highlight of the place is, of course, none other than their freshly baked breads which are produced daily, every single morning but do take a look down the wine, alcohol and juice aisles. There are some of the best home-made wine and juices available for you to take home with you so that you can enjoy the delicious authentic products with your family and friends who did not make it to the bus charter Baltimore trip with you.
The Italians, obviously, have their own unique way of preparing food and the unique kitchen utilities that you are looking for could be right here because they offer some hard-to-find cooking tools like pasta making machines and coffee brewers.
In a place where you would expect the staff to be uppity and unfriendly, this place is not at all so - they are unpretentious, offer great food at great prices. Praises have been sung about them having some of the best freshly baked bread and prosciutto on this side of New York City...something that is off the charts and not in line with what the locals expect. So, do drop by Al Pasquale for the best meats, cookies, pastas and fabulous wines during your Baltimore bus rental visit....we are sure you will not be disappointed.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Port Discovery Children’s Museum, Baltimore

Children’s museums are usually fun – but then again, there are some that are just amazingly, crazy fun! And that is exactly what you get when you bring your kids over to the Port Discovery Children’s Museum at 35 Market Place, Baltimore to spend a whole day touring and learning (yes, they get to learn too!) through all their interactive and educational displays. Sounds like an exciting time for your kids, right? Well, pick up the phone and make a booking for a Baltimore charter bus and load your kids into it and come on over to the Port Discovery Children’s Museum for some exciting fun time!

When you and your kids arrive at the Port Discovery Children’s Museum in your Baltimore charter bus, you will almost immediately know why it has been voted as one of the Top 12 Children’s Museums in the country by Forbes in the year 2012. A huge building with three floors filled with interesting exhibits and displays that will enable the children to touch, learn and play throughout – it almost seem like a really big toy town for the kids! If you happen to have a younger child among you, don’t worry, they do have a separate room just for the toddlers.

Some of the fun things to do at the Port Discovery Children’s Museum is learning to stay healthy in their Kick It Up! program, learn to cook and serve the food, learn a ‘chicken’ dance, play with huge drums and so on. Out of all the exhibits and displays at the museum, a very important aspect of the museum would be the Gardens Initiative that was launched by First Lady Michelle Obama and the Institute of Museum and Library Services to fight childhood obesity, which is to help children learn to make healthy food choices and encourage physical activities via their interactive displays and programs. Parents (especially the mothers!) traveling in the Baltimore charter bus with their toddlers especially love the Toddler room because it is safe, clean and fun to keep the young ones occupied and having a good time without much fuss.
The staff at the museum work really hard to keep the museum clean and fun for the children, while the exhibits are ever-changing too to keep the museum afresh and relevant with new things all the time. After all, if you want to keep the little ones coming back, you can’t be having the same old, same old all the time. We won’t be surprised if your little ones are pestering for another trip to the museum soon after they get on the chartered Baltimore bus to go home.