Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Best of Italian Delicacy at Di Pasquale’s Italian Market

For the people working hard behind Di Pasquale’s Italian Marketplace, it all began more than one hundred years ago and with the mission and vision of its original owner, Luigi Di Pasquale, this Baltimore tourist attraction is now one of the most visited hotspots in the city. Not only do tourists and foreign visitors who are here for a short bus charter holiday and vacation come here for a short break in their shuttle bus, coach charter, mini bus, school children and the local residents find it worthwhile to bring their kids for a day of exploration and fun regularly too.
Di Pasquale’s had its beginnings as a small corner grocery shop and in all sincerity, they served the elite and rich community of Highlandtown. But it has been more than four decades now and the business has been inherited by one generation after another so much so that it is now known as a superior retailer, importer and distributor of Italian products.
With so much experience to their name, we are sure the experienced deli staff are capable of telling you which is the best of their product is suitable for you. Based on our bus charter Baltimore customers’ experiences, they have extremely authentic Italian recipes that dates back to the Old World - so, it is really worth your time if you are looking for something a little bit more original and old school. The highlight of the place is, of course, none other than their freshly baked breads which are produced daily, every single morning but do take a look down the wine, alcohol and juice aisles. There are some of the best home-made wine and juices available for you to take home with you so that you can enjoy the delicious authentic products with your family and friends who did not make it to the bus charter Baltimore trip with you.
The Italians, obviously, have their own unique way of preparing food and the unique kitchen utilities that you are looking for could be right here because they offer some hard-to-find cooking tools like pasta making machines and coffee brewers.
In a place where you would expect the staff to be uppity and unfriendly, this place is not at all so - they are unpretentious, offer great food at great prices. Praises have been sung about them having some of the best freshly baked bread and prosciutto on this side of New York City...something that is off the charts and not in line with what the locals expect. So, do drop by Al Pasquale for the best meats, cookies, pastas and fabulous wines during your Baltimore bus rental visit....we are sure you will not be disappointed.